King Pins - 100% American Made, Brinell Hardness Checked and Magnetic Particle Inspected.
Pintle Hooks - Complete Line of Light, Medium and Heavy Duty.
Drawbars and Swivel Tow Rings - One Piece Forging and American Made.
Dual Purpose Hitches and Recievers - Quality American Forging and Precision Assembly.

Wallace Forge Company

The Wallace Forge Company started in 1942 is a family run business specializing in the manufacturing of truck and trailer accessories. Wallace Forge prides itself in offering quality, affordable American made products that are built to last. Wallace Forge's capabilities include forging, upsetting, CNC machining, heat treating, military, and retail paint finishes.

SINCE 1942, WALLACE FORGE COMPANY has proven their worth in
developing new products in the trucking industry to satisfy our customers,
and expand the industry.
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